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Christian Meditation has it roots in the practices of the desert Fathers and Mothers. It is founded on the belief that God speaks in the ‘sound of sheer silence’ and that in creating silence we allow God space to speak to us. John Cassian brought it to the West and his works were influential on St Benedict. As such it is an ancient practice but has often been thought of that which those with a monastic vocation were called to.  

In the twentieth century, thanks to the discovery of Eastern Meditation traditions including the therapeutic benefits of Mindful Meditation it has been freed from the cloister and is now practiced by many Christians around the world. However Christian Meditation claims are far humbler than many of those of Eastern Meditation. It promises neither health benefits nor enlightenment. Instead it has the limited desire to create a space where one can listen out for God. God may or may not make known his presence within the space. Indeed he might make his silence resound in a totally different place in our lives but the practice of listening prepares our soul in readiness. 

I think that it is necessary to say why I practice Christian Meditation. At its core Christianity proclaims God’s love for each individual person. In response to that love I desire to become a better lover of God and other people. In our everyday lives we make time to deliberately be with and listen to those we love best. In meditation I make such time with God, trusting that in so doing God will empower me to love with his love for my friends, family and the rest of humanity. 

I hope you will join me in this practice at the coming sessions


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Mar 18 2022


5:00 pm - 5:40 pm
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