Dear Supporters,

It is an honour and a privilege to support the redevelopment of St. Matthew’s, Carver Street as one of its patrons. The work I have seen there, during this extraordinarily difficult year, for everyone, has been inspirational. Apart from thanking all the parishioners, who have supported and encouraged the ministry at St. Matthew’s, and made sure of its continuing importance to the city, I would like to make special reference to the work of the wonderful nurses, Michaela and Marjorie, who have developed an absolutely amazing rapport with the people who live and work in the centre of Sheffield. This has been crucial work during the pandemic and delivered 704 interventions between January and March this year alone. Their work is invaluable and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

I greatly look forward to seeing these essential redevelopments take place – as soon as possible – to enable this iconic church fulfil its mission – to grow God’s Kingdom.

The Right Honourable Angela Harris

Baroness Harris of Richmond