Since the excitement of our September launches in Sheffield and London, we are pleased to report that as of February 2022 we have raised £120,000. That’s 14% of the total!

We are incredibly grateful for those who have turned out for our fundraising events, those who have pledged generously to support this project, and the team at St Matthew’s who are making this fundraising task their priority.

In the Autumn and Winter we held:

  • A fundraising jazz concert, attended by 70 people – the majority of whom had no other connection to the church
  • An Advent bake sale
  • And a New Year’s Day Raffle

This broad base of community buy-in shows that both amongst church members and members of the wider community are invested in making this special place as beautiful and accessible as possible.

Alas, it’s not all parties and cake

A significant portion of our fundraising is drawn from grant funders. We have a dedicated team of experienced grant writers who are pursuing a broad range of resources both within the Church sphere and outside amongst those bodies who are aligned with this kind of impactful restoration project benefitting a whole city.

Grants won: Diocese of Sheffield

We are grateful to the Diocese of Sheffield for kick-starting our grant writing efforts with an award of £5,000 this year, with an invitation to ask again in following years.

Grants in progress: £146,800

This includes the Sheffield Church Burgesses, the National Churches Trust, Ascot Priory, and the Bramall Foundation.

Grants on the horizon: £245,000

Including The Number One Trust, Fellowship of Saint John, All Churches Trust, Bernard Sunley, Garfield Weston, and the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament.

The Lord being our helper, these grants will take us to £506,800 which is 65% of the total!

The third strand of our fundraising strategy is about to launch…out of an aeroplane.

Francesca and Father Naylor to jump out of a plane

(With parachutes)

We want people to really own this project and bring all their personalities to the fundraising effort. Leading the way at about 120 miles per hour will be one of our postgraduate students and the Vicar, who are raising money with a sponsored skydive. Sponsor them here.

Want to get sponsored?

Run a marathon. Bathe in beans. Abseil the church spire.

Anything to get people excited about Regenerate and to consider giving towards it. Send an email with your idea to regenerate.project@carverstreet.co.uk

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