Dear Friends,

Christmas is almost upon us and the weather has been seasonally inhospitable and unpredictable, but thanks to your help we have been able to share some warmth and light with the people of our Parish, so a huge “thank you” from the bottom of our hearts to all who have helped us to bring some comfort and joy this year through your prayers and gifts.

This year has seen many changes in the Parish Nursing Project. We have sadly said “Goodbye” to Parish Nurse Marjorie Skidmore and to Maria Eliot-Hill in their volunteer roles and we wish them every success and happiness in the future!

We are overjoyed to welcome on board Louise Smith as our new Parish Nurse.

Louise has a background in neonatal special care and is already proving a fantastic asset to our team and has settled in seamlessly, it almost feels like she’s always been with us, we are very fortunate to have her!

Louise was officially commissioned as part of the Parish Nursing Team by the Bishop of Beverley during his visit on October the 29th.

Richard Dawidek and Father Alun have been hard at work using their extensive talents in writing grant applications to enable our work. Many thanks to them!

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