Our church is at the heart of the city centre, and music is at the heart of our regular pattern of worship. Since its founding in 1855, St Matthew’s has maintained a strong musical tradition, which today is primarily led by our adult choir. The choir sings at the 11:00 Mass each Sunday throughout the year and regularly on feast days, performing an extensive repertoire from Plainsong to Viennese Masses to music by living composers.

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Goetze & Gwynn organ

St Matthew’s is extremely proud to be home to a unique, historically inspired organ built by British builders Martin Goetze and Dominic Gwynn. Installed in 1992, the organ prominently stands on the west gallery, in a beautifully crafted case, framed by the tower arch. The instrument is based on the early work of master organ builder Bernard Smith (c.1630 – 1708), who emigrated to England in 1667 and became organ builder to Charles II.

The organ, which plays a prominent role in our liturgy, is based on Smith’s final work in Holland at the Grote Kerk, Edam (1656) and his first work in England, at the King’s Private Chapel in Windsor Castle (1673). This instrument is the only example of its kind in Sheffield, and is particularly well suited to music from the North German and Early English organ schools, alongside the music of J.S. Bach and his contemporaries.

If you are interested in playing our organ, please contact us here.


Upper manual

Prestant 8’
Holpijp 8’
Sesquialter* I-II
Mixture III
Trompet bas* 8’
Trompet disk* 8’

Lower manual

Quintadeen 8’
Roerfluit 4’
Octaaf* 2’


Bourdon 16’
Fluit 8’


I – II I – P II – P (foot pedals)

* shows stops available on the other manual if half-drawn